Patient improvement for Osteoarthritis pain management

If you are a person with osteoarthritis, TOUS INCULDE can help to track and share your treatment progress with doctors and everyone on your care team.

Download TOUS INCLUDE to:

  1. Get personalized reminders to stay on track with your meds.
  2. Monitor your pain levels, mood, weight and blood pressure.
  3. Track your movement and activity goals.
  4. Learn what works to minimize pain.
  5. Receive tips to beat osteoarthritis and pain.
  6. Share your progress with the people you trust and value.
  7. Increase medication adherence with a smart dialogue assistant
  8. Full control of personal health record data and transparent sharing policy. All your personal data will be automatically stored in a private and secure online service. It allows you to recover all records in case you lose or change your device.

TOUS INCLUDE integrates with Health app to share data such as weight, walking, running and cycling distance. This will allow TOUS INCLUDE to show how much these factors have influence in your osteoarthritis symptoms.

TOUS INCLUDE is created for you to help you manage your health, but it is not intended to provide medical advice or replace it. Talk to a healthcare professional if you need treatment advice.

Virtual Patients’ Scenarios
The virtual patients’ scenarios will be uploaded soon